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Map of Silicon Alley's Early-Stage Tech Investor Ecosystem (updated)

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This is part of my various Series on Venture Capital and Angel Investing.

In that I am a heavy user of mapping software and think programs like MindNode are excellent visual aids, I decided to put together a first draft of the early-stage tech investor ecosystem here in Silicon Alley as a resource for entrepreneurs. As this is a first stab, I would ask your help in the comment section of this post letting me know about any early-stage investors I have left out and/or about any corrections of errors you come across on this map.

As the print is quite small due to the size of this map, simply click on it and it will open in a separate window. You may then use your zoom feature or simply click it again to enlarge once more at that point.

Looking forward to your feedback.



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Add Jahan Ali to the NYCIF list (she handles Life Sciences companies)

For Spark Capital - Mo Koyfman @mokoyfman, Andrew Parker @andrewparker

What about SV firms investing in NYC?
True Ventures has Puneet and I heard Mike Maples new outfit Floodgate is starting to dabble in NYC.

would be awesome to also see a map of how these funds co-invest with each other.

Thanks for the great list/map, and a great visual to boot.

Canaan Partners is another VC active in all investment stages in NYC.

Thanks David, this is a great list.

Cava Capital is an early stage venture firm investing in the Metro NY region. We focus on transformational Digital Media, Information Services, Mobile and Internet companies.

Geoff Schneider, Peg Jackson, Jason Denker

This is great David!

Rho Ventures : Can you please add the following names
Joshua Ruch
Martin Vogelbaum
Doug McCormick
Patrick Wack
Medha Vedaprakash (that's me)
Samir Housri

Also, Habib's last name is misspelt It should be Habib Kairouz. Thanks a bunch

Thanks Medha... I made the correction to Habib's entry...

As for the other professionals you have listed, who does "tech specifically, which is what this map is focusing on... foe xample, I know Marty does health sciences (which I will cover in another map)....

Other than Martin, all the others do Tech. So, Joshua Ruch, Doug McCormick, Patrick Wack, Medha Vedaprakash and Samir Housri

Thanks a bunch!

Nice job David!

Could you please add Vast Ventures (an angel fund), Doug Chertok @dchertok in NY, and Dace Ventures (VC) Dave Andonian, Jon Chait & Doug Chertok in Boston. Thanks!

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