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Map of Boston's Early-Stage Tech Investor Ecosystem (Updated)

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This is part of my Series' on Venture Capital and Angel Investing.

After I posted the recent map of Silicon Alley's early-stage venture ecosystem, a healthy number of people found it to be very helpful and several suggested I do the same for Boston.

Well, here's my first stab at capturing what is just a massive early stage venture ecosystem! Until you lay it out on a map, you just have no idea of the sheer sweep scope of the venture/tech community. Amazing stuff really.

Though I lived and ran my first business from Boston for a number of years, I'm going to ask for your help again- especially from the Bostonians among you! I'm sure I have made plenty of errors, I definitely need the twitter addresses of those investors that tweet- and I'd love to hear from the angel groups and angel investors in Beantown. Please keep the twitter addresses coming!

I'll be updating the map periodically based on people's feedback and will eventually put all these maps on an interactive and hyper-linked template.

As the print is currently quite small due to the sheer size of the map, simply click on it and it will open in a separate window. You may then use your zoom feature or simply click it again to enlarge once more at that point.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Boston Early Stage

For the next post, a crowdsourceable map of the global entrepreneurial ecosystem, click here.

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New Atlantic ventures, Launch capital and some of the FOunder's Collective guys are also in Boston. If you are interested in breaking down the angel groups and angels investors that can be done as well, i.e. TechStars crew, CommonAngels, John Landry (Lead Dog ventures), Boston harbor angels, walnut, Hub angels, etc.

thanks so much Chase!

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